Local Events & Festivals

Reç Festival / Festa e Reçit

In the Reç of Shkrel, every year on the last Sunday of August, the Reç Festival is held.

Under the shade of centuries-old chestnut trees and to the tune of songs and dances, residents gather to commemorate the War of Reç, which occurred on August 30th-31st, 1943. This festival has been celebrated annually since 1947 and brings together residents of Shkrel and the surrounding provinces. The sounds of traditional and modern folk music will dazzle you into participating in the group dances that take place in the square. After you’ve had your fun singing and dancing to the local music, a delicious meal awaits you at one of Reç’s traditional restaurants.

Saint Prenda Day/ Shën Prenda

Saint Prenda day is a religious holiday observed annually on July 26th and is especially celebrated by the residents of Razma Mountain and Boga Valley Gorge.

In 1928, Dom Lazer Mjeda declared Razma a tourist destination. This village is thought to have been home to an ancient church from around 1000 BC. And although it had already disappeared before Dom Lazer Mjeda’s time, he devoted a special attention to this history, establishing St. Prenda day as a holiday for the residents of the mountain. At the center of this celebration is the Holy Mass, which is then followed by festive ceremonies called "Log," traditional music, humor and dancing.

The development of a summer fair has also become a tradition. During which, visitors can learn about and taste the organic products of the area. For special guests there is also lunch served, which is traditionally celebrated by eating the organic products of the area, such as wild goat, lamb and boiled cheese. The local cuisine becomes more and more enriched with every year that passes, and it’s beginning to be combined with contemporary cuisine.

Agrotourism Day / Dita e Agroturizmit

Agrobiodiversity Day in the Shkrel Municipal Nature Park is organized every year at the end of October or early November. A range of activities centered on agrobiodiversity values take place in the Chestnut Forest of Reç, demonstrating how rural villages can offer successful and meaningful tourism experiences.

Reç village, with the agrobiodiversity values it dominates, has all the elements of successful outdoor and rural tourism: a stunning chestnut forest, ready-to-eat fruit trees, rural landscapes and livelihoods, convenient access to Shkoder (being only 35 minutes away) and possible activities for visitor of all ages.

During this day, visitors can experience the following activities: a local product fair where the whole community and its visitors are engaged and learning about local food systems, and where visitors have the opportunity to buy or taste these products. This fair acts as a meeting point between product providers and consumers. The professional packaging and labeling of traditional products like chestnuts, hazelnuts, cheese, beans, jam, honey, and fruit juices attempt to reflect the area’s regional values and origins. The packaging tells the consumer about origin, cultivation or processing of the product.

Guided tours through the marked trail looping the entire chestnut forest of Reç are also provided. Professional guides organize these tours for a mix of potential visitor groups (domestic, international, and for all ages). Visitors on this day can enjoy the unique autumn landscape, walking through the monumental trees, crossing through dried leaves and fruit peels, and the village landscape. The local mills, gardens, old fences, and domestic animals all harmonize to create an unforgettable day.

Chestnut picking, mushroom picking, donkey rides, and interactions with village residents all make this day very special for anyone who decides to visit.