Shkrel Municipal Nature Park

Shkrel Municipal Nature Park is often described as the "Gateway into the Alps." Founded in 2015, the park has a total area of 20,282 ha and is found between Theth National Park and Lake Shkoder. It is very accessible, being only 25km away from Montenegro, 10km north-east of Koplik and 20km from Shkoder.
In Albania, a Municipal Nature Park (MNP) is a protected area which falls under IUNC Category IV. Municipal Nature Parks are managed by locals, thus allowing agricultural and economic activities to be carried out within the area.

Shkrel MNP is bordered by:

  • North: Kelmend within the Albanian Alps National Park; it falls under IUCN Category II (The Albanian Alps Park is still in the process of being created)
  • East: Pult and Theth National Park
  • South: Gruemira and Koplik
  • West: Kastrati and part of Koplik

Shkrel is a rare beauty within the Albanian Alps. It sits just a half hour from Shkoder and can be visited at any time of the year. During summer, you can enjoy the clean and fresh air of Razma village (1000m) or you can enjoy long walks under the shade of the chestnut trees in Reç, Loha and Qafë Gradë.

Outdoor enthusiasts can discover the many enchanting hiking trails that are part of the Bogë village alpine landscape. Visitors accompanied by a local guide can also explore the untouched nature and serpentine curves of the Perro e Thatë canyon and the various other caves that are home to many traditional stories and legends.
Lodging at a traditional guesthouse, the local organic food, and the rediscovery of ancient traditions will make your visit to Shkrel an unforgettable experience.