Hospitality & Gastronomy

Traditionally, the inhabitants of the Albanian Alps are well-known for their virtue of hospitality. The hospitality and smiles of local residents, the stories of the past and present, the songs accompanied by the melodies of the lute and the çifteli, and the locals’ willingness to share their traditions and culture will make you feel like you are right at home.

This unique culture of hospitality and stunning views of the area are also combined with the delicious traditional dishes found here. Don’t miss your chance to taste of the various cheeses produced at local farms or the locally fed and raised meats. Typical dishes of the area include: wild goat, mutton roasted on the spit, pancakes with honey, corn bread and boiled cheese. Trout from the Sheu i Rrjollit is also a dish worth trying and is characteristic of the easternmost part of the valley.